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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 11 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 9/10/06)

THE FINAL LIVE PERFORMANCE SHOW. If you let those words sink in a little, you will be ready for tonight’s look back into the Past – even if that Past was only a week or two ago.

Contributing to the air of nostalgia tonight was a performance you won’t see on the show on Tuesday: Sweet Suzie McNeil made a surprise appearance with the House Band, singing Bohemian Rhapsody, before the taping even started. (She sounded great, by the way.)

Then, at the top of the show, we were treated to the Fan Favorite Encore Performance. And the Fan Fave Rocker was: Ryan Star, who performed Back of Your Car again – and won a Honda in the process. (FYI, Ryan was the very soul of graciousness today, thanking SN profusely for the opportunity, etc., etc. Methinks he knows his parting comments didn’t go over well with some people…)

The retrospective continued with the clip package, which focused on the journeys of the Top Four over the course of the season. And even this week’s performances contained blasts for the not-too-distant past, as each Rocker performed their original song from last week yet again.

Karma Police (Radiohead)
Throw It Away (original)

I wondered at first about Toby doing a low-key song to start, but since most of the other Rockers also varied their sets (Magni excluded), I guess it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. (It shows variety and versatility, yadda yadda yadda.) Toby also had Magni play guitar on TIA - and you gotta see the part where Magni holds the guitar for Toby to play while he kneels below him! Anyway, Dave said Karma Police is his favorite Radiohead song and that Toby “delivered it great”. And we already know how much Dave loves Toby’s original. He thought the two songs made for a “killer set” and compared the whole thing to just “kicking back and watching a great Rock Show.” Tommy told Toby “Nice job, Bro.” Gilby thought Toby got “a little lost in the melody” at the beginning of the Radiohead song, but when he went into his full voice, he sounded “great”. Jason was glad that Magni joined Toby on the song and that everyone was so comfortable at this stage of the competition. As a result, he felt that this was “some of the most energy we’ve had all summer.” He summed it up: “Great job, dude. It was awesome!”

Fix You (Coldplay)
Headspin (original) {acoustic}

I really liked Lukas on Fix You, but honestly didn’t care much for the acoustic version of his original. However, I am prepared to be in the minority, if the tongue bath he received from the judges is any indication. Dave begins by saying how proud he is to be part of a show like this. He thought Lukas did a “great job” – that the Coldplay song was “awesome” and that going acoustic with his original “showed versatility”. He ended by saying that he has wondered all season whether he could listen to Lukas sing for two hours, but now he knows the answer. Not only could he listen to him, he would actually buy a ticket to see him. Tommy once again was rendered speechless by Lukas: “Those 2 performances freaked me out – in a good way” was about all he could say. Gilby was ecstatic: “That was great, man! That was so good!” He thought Lukas sounded “beautiful” on Fix You, that his versatility is “amazing”, and that Lukas is “fearless”. Jason said it was “cool”, and pointed out that it was Lukas’ acoustic version of Headspin that got him into this competition in the first place.

Roxanne (The Police)
Supersoul (original)

We got to see the Reality Webisode before the show again today and part of the Drama was about whether Dilana would ruin Roxanne or not. Well, not only did she NOT ruin it, this may have been one of her most effective performances. She stripped down and re-tooled the song, and then let her voice do the rest. She sounded wonderful – and even when Toby, Lukas, and Magni joined her to sing, she kept everyone’s attention riveted on her. Then, despite using a cane through most of the show, she still managed to rock her original clear to the back of the studio. Dave asked her if she knew how much he loved her? Well, he said, multiply it by 1,000. The Police song was “killer” and the whole thing was “incredible – just incredible.” Tommy thought it was so cool that she had gone up into the audience. “You touched everybody,” he said – though he wished she had a cherry picker to ascend up to the balcony. “You are so beautiful to watch perform,’ he concluded. Gilby said it was “awesome” and “so great”. He noted how her voice was so recognizable, and felt they would be remembering it for a long time. Jason felt it was great, then got a little playful in his response. He thought that, next time, the guys should have matching outfits – and that Lukas could work on the choreography. He ended by saying that because everyone is so good, it is “so flippin’ hard” to figure out who fits best with them.

Hush (Deep Purple)
When the Time Comes(original)

It was certainly a good night for Magni. First, he played guitar for Toby. Then he sang back-up for Dilana. Finally, he rocked the hell outta his closing set. The thing that really stands out when Magni is on stage is just how RIGHT he looks with the House Band. Sure, he may not get the SN gig, but I would love to see these guys tour together! Anyway, Dave (who’s word of the night was killer) said he did a “killer job” and that the Deep Purple song was “really exciting.” Tommy agreed that Hush was “awesome”, but then said he honestly doesn’t remember a thing about Magni’s original (unlike those of the other three). As the audience booed, Tommy challenged us to sing part of it. (Guess he has a point…) Gilby started by telling Magni he’s had a great summer. Tonight, he “loved” the Deep Purple, and thought that Magni sang “great” and performed his original “well”. (He still thinks the original is missing a 7th – whatever that means.) Jason digs Magni’s original, saying it may not be as memorable as some, but that musically it is “very tough.”

One final thing: Brooke announced a little of how the Finale would work. The votes from Tuesday night will result in a Bottom TWO, who will then sing. Supernova will then cut one, leaving a Final Three to compete for the crown.

And, on a personal note: I want to thank everyone who has read and responded to these Spoiler Reports this season. Your appreciation has meant a lot. As you can tell, I love this show – and it has been my pleasure to share this experience with you all.

It’s been fun, hasn’t it? Can I get a HELL, YEAH?
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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 10 Elimination Show TEASER Report

At one of the Elimination Shows last month, when there were 10 Rockers left, I watched as Brooke made half of them stand for possible inclusion in the Bottom 3. Remaining seated and safe that day were Magni, Dilana, Storm, Lukas, and Toby. I happened to have cast votes for each of them the night before, and they were my picks for the Top 5. But even if they made it that far, I knew a day would come when they would start going home.

Well, today was that day. And, believe me, it was as wrenching as I feared.

Dave certainly spoke for many of us when he said at the top of the show that he doesn’t want to see ANY of them go – but it was not his decision to make.

After Brooke announced that the votes were double what they were last year and that the final results were almost too close to call, we got our video package of last night’s performances and some “Back at the Mansion” footage. Nothing controversial this week – just the Rockers celebrating an awesome show. The Q&A that followed primarily focused on each Rocker’s feelings about premiering their original songs to a worldwide audience.

Next up was another new Supernova song: It’s All Love. It sounded a bit “pop-ier” (i.e. more “radio friendly”) than the songs we’ve heard previously. But I liked it – and the Rocker chosen did a pretty good job on it. And I’m not sayin’ anything more than that. ;)

Next we got the encore. As a special bonus for getting the encore this week, the chosen Rocker also received the keys to a brand new Honda Element. So one of the Rockers got a brand new car and the chance to do their original again – and we got another great performance.

Then it was time for the Bottom 3. Following the usual drill, Brooke asked the Rockers to stand when she called out their name. Toby. Storm. Lukas. Magni. Dilana. That’s right! ALL the Rockers were in the Bottom 3 at one point during the vote last night. But who was safe? And who would be singing?

The songs performed by the Bottom 3 were:

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd
I Want You To Want Me, Cheap Trick
Original Song, Rocker (Yes, one Rocker did their original again.)

It was a trio of super performances – and I don’t think it’s giving away too much to say that one of them had half the audience in tears.

When Supernova returned, Gilby gave his usual rundown and sent one Rocker back to safety. Then it was Tommy’s turn. But the dude couldn’t do it! He was too upset to wield the Tommyhawk tonight, so he passed it to Jason, who then delivered the verdict.

Some heart-felt "good-byes" followed. And then there were FOUR....
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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 10 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 9/3/06)

Another FANTASTIC show this week! We got a cover and an original from each Rocker – and, to a great extent, they all delivered.

Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)
Supersoul (original)

As if the past couple weeks haven’t been rough enough, Dilana ran into a couple unexpected problems today. First, she tore her calf muscle during rehearsals, and had to be carried out onto the stage. (She remained seated for a lot of Behind Blue Eyes, but hopped around on one foot during her original.) Then, just as she was beginning her original song, there was a problem with the lights that required her to stop for about 5 minutes. (Fortunately during that down time, she treated us to an impromptu – and awesome! - version of Joplin’s Mercedes Benz.) Dave thought she “sounded great” and that her voice was “beautiful” on Behind Blue Eyes, but said that her original was “not the favorite thing” he’s heard from her. Tommy disagreed, and said he might have to box Dave, as he “dug” her original, as well as loving BBE. Gilby thought the original had a “good groove”, though her lyrics were a bit too literal. He really loved BBE, though, saying that he heard a part of her voice he hadn’t heard before and that it was “incredible”. Jason pronounced that “a strong will and strong effort are crucial in this business. Good on ya!”

Back in the U.S.S.R. (The Beatles)
When the Time Comes (original)

Although I was a little surprised that the Iceman didn’t play the guitar on Back in the U.S.S.R., he sounded terrific on it. And his original sounded good, too – though it did seem to go on a little too long. Dave thought the Beatles song was “killer” and that his original made it a “rockin’ solid set”. Tommy questioned why both performances were “the same”, feeling that Magni should’ve brought something extra to his original. (Magni responded that the performances were the same because he was the one singing them both.) Gilby praised Magni on BITUSSR, saying he was such a “strong singer” that “every time you perform, it’s great.” He also liked the original, saying that Magni got him with the opening riff and that it was a “good, solid performance.” He did say, however, that he got what Tommy was saying about Magni needing to vary his performances. Jason said that the thing that sets Magni apart is his ability to “meld” with the House Band. He also liked the energy Magni brought to both songs and, echoing Gilby, “dug” the guitar riff on his original song.

Suffragette City (David Bowie)
Ladylike (original)

As much as I enjoyed both Dilana and Magni, Storm still managed to kick things up several notches. First, Dave made a surprise guest appearance on Suffragette City. It was the first time he’s performed all season, and Storm was at her sassy, strutting best with him on stage. Then came her original - Ladylike - and the bar was definitely set for the night. Dave started the comments by saying that he has been on stage with many great singers and that his performance with Storm felt “just like that.” Even though he thought the Bowie song was “awesome”, he had even more praise for Ladylike, saying it was his “favorite original” of both seasons of the show and calling it “totally fresh, new, and different.” He summed up his feelings by saying that he wasn’t sure about Supernova’s decision to boot Ryan last week, but that now, after hearing their respective original songs, he thought that SN made the right decision. Tommy said her original song was…. Well, you’ve got to see what Tommy said, because I don’t know how to spell the sound he made. (It was GOOD, though; the TLee equivalent of a squee.) He went on to say that seeing Storm and Dave together got him “fluffed” and that it was “rad”. Gilby spoke of how they’ve been asking Storm for more diversity, and that she really brought it tonight. He said she & Dave were “great” on the Bowie tune, and how her original was the song that got her here (when they heard it in the auditions). All in all, the Bowie song was “great”, and her original was “great”, too. Jason praised her “undeniable energy” and thought her performance was “so cool”.

Livin’ On a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Headspin (original)

For the first time this season, the studio audience got to see the whole Reality Webisode before the taping began. So I know that Lukas was “peer-pressured” into taking this song. Even though he tried to change it up - by stripping it down to just electric guitar (which he played) and keyboard - it came off as fairly meh to me. (I kept expecting the song to suddenly ROCK OUT – a la Lithium or JD’s Come As You Are last season – but it never did.) His original fared much better in my mind. Dave thought it was a “great set”, that Lukas was always “compelling to watch”. He also liked that Lukas was showing a “more emotional side” than he had earlier in the competition. Then it was Tommy’s turn to speak. First, he doesn’t know what to say, as “that stuff is freakin’ [him] out”. Then, he practically hands the competition to Lukas (yet again!) by saying that he has “always dreamed” of having a singer who looks and sounds like Lukas fronting his band. He also wanted to “Thank God and Thank Fuck” that Lukas rearranged “that Bon Jovi shit”. Gilby called it a “great, great performance” – (obviously, Gilby’s superlative du jour was “great”) – and said that he gets inspired just watching Lukas perform. Jason was really glad to hear that original song again, thought Lukas did a “good job”, and gave special props to the House Band.

Mr. Brightside (The Killers)
Throw It Away (original)

Tommy tried to mitigate his comments to Lukas by saying afterwards that this competition was far from over. If that is indeed true, one of the main reasons may be Mr. Toby Rand. The dude has really been bringing it over the past several weeks - both on stage and off (see the Song Writing Clinic on the latest Reality Webisode). Tonight was no exception. Toby sounded great on Mr. Brightside, but it was his original that lifted him into the stratosphere. It was just a balls out, fuckin’ FUN rock ‘n roll tune – and Toby delivered it, once again, by leaving the stage and traversing half the studio, performing a large chunk of it back at the Supernova Pod. What’s more: The audience picked up on the refrain right away, and began shouting it back at him. A tongue bath from the judges followed. Dave started by exclaiming that “this thing is not over by a long shot!” He went on to say that he has had a problem with Toby’s “gimmicks” before, but that this performance proved him wrong. “Great job!” He also praised Toby’s original as being the most memorable lyrically. Tommy said it was “bad-beepin’-ass” and “very cool”. He also admitted that he had not heard that original before (unlike those of several of the others). Gilby enthused: “That was awesome!” (I guess Gilby knows a superlative other than “great” after all.) He thought Mr. Brightside was “great” - (oops! I spoke too soon) - and that his original was “a blast”. After telling Toby that he puts “the FUN in Rock ‘N Roll”, he echoed Tommy and called it a “bad-ass performance”. Jason went all cosmic in his critique, talking about how Toby harnessed the “togetherness” of the whole thing - the studio, the Mansion, etc. - and how he “embraced” the whole audience through his performance.

Based on these performances, I find it impossible to guess at a Bottom 3 – let alone who may be going home.

Two final Items of Note:

Brooke announced that the Finale would feature FOUR Rockers - so it looks like there won't be a Double Elimination this week.

The House Band will be opening for Supernova on their tour. (Tommy also invited Dave and The Panic Channel to join them. Dave said he'd “talk to the guys” and get back to him.) I spoke briefly with House Band leader Paul on the way out of the studio about the tour. He didn't know a lot of the specifics, but said that vocals would be handled by himself and rhythm guitarist Jim - as well as several of the Rockers from this season (and maybe one from last season, as well.)
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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 9 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 8/27/06)

WOWohWOWohWOW!!! Now, this is the quality and the caliber of performance I was looking for last week and didn’t find. Because of the AWESOMENESS on display this week, my Inner Grouch only made a brief, token appearance.

Things started out GREAT before the actual taping even began. The incredible House Band treated us to 2 songs: Baba O'Riley, with Jim playing keyboards and singing; and Fire with Paul handling the vocals. Even though you won’t see these performances on TV, I mention them because these guys are just sooo frickin’ good – Jim, especially, has an incredible voice – they deserve the attention. Love them – and love these little pre-show performances!

With the crowd now sufficiently pumped, the real show began. Before we could scale the heights of the live performances to come, however, we first had to dip into the depths. The reality clips at the top of the show focused on yet more fallout from Dilana’s comments last week. If you’ve seen the webisode, then you know about all the drama. If not, prepare yourself for 5 of the most painful (as in "full of pain") minutes of TV you’ve seen in awhile.

An intense Q&A followed. Jason blurts out that this is "Bullshit! She didn’t do anything wrong!" before Dave can even ask the Rockers for their feelings. Storm then comments that this is a TV show about Rock 'N Roll, not a Soap Opera. "Let’s get back to the music!" she implores. Magni poo-poos the "cut-on-the-head" drama, saying that he’s cut himself worse shaving. And Lukas echoes Jason’s comments, saying that showing this stuff to the world is "fuckin’ bullshit”.

Meanwhile, Dave wants to know: how is Dilana doing? Despite the fact that it must have been all kinds of Hell for her to have to watch that video package –- the Rockers were quite obviously surrounding her in support and she spent most of the time clutching Magni’s hand –- she insists that she is strong and that she is going to "rock the shit outta this place." The audience cheers its approval; and, finally, it is time for everybody to MOVE ON.

But what could possibly top all that DRAMA? Well, how about a slew of KICK-ASS performances?

Oh, where have you been the past couple of weeks, Lukas? This was easily the best performance he’s done since Creep. First, he re-arranged the song to better suit his style - and then performed it like a complete madman (and with nary a turned-back). When he was finished, the crowd went berserk and the praises rained down from the SN Pod. Dave said it was "awesome", "original", "new and unique". Tommy said he believed in letting the music do the talking... "and that shit was talking!" He – and the world! – was "captivated". Gilby loved the arrangement of the song and the dynamics Lukas brought to it, dubbing it his best performance to date. And Jason thought it was "dynamite", while also stating that this was the first time that Lukas was really audible in there.

MagniI Alone
I kinda pitied poor Magni having to follow Lukas. But the Iceman did a fantastic job! Although he can’t compete with his stage moves, he makes up for it with his vocal power and range. All that, plus he threw in a trip back to the Supernova Pod for good measure. Dave exclaimed that it was "killer, dude!" and noted that Magni’s performances and intensity have "stepped up" over the course of the season. Tommy thought it was "nice" and "cool", but wished Magni had taken his performance all the way to the back of the house. Still, it was "well done, brother!" Gilby mentioned how Magni was "so solid" week after week, but how tonight he gave them that "extra something" they had been asking him for: "Great job!" And Jason said that Magni had a "really deep well" and that he kept "reaching for it and bringing it up.... Awesome!"

WARNING: Inner Grouch approaching! First, we stood there for about 15 minutes while they rolled out the grand piano for Ryan yet again. Then he sits behind it and starts to perform, emitting these unpleasant, off-key sounds for a couple bars – before jumping up on top of the piano and rockin’ out. He then proceeds to bounce and crawl and slide across it at various points in the song. The Inner Grouch emerges and is pissed that the piano is just a giant prop for Ryan to use – that we waited patiently for them to set it up when he wasn’t really going to play it much at all. Dave, of course, has to praise his Dark Horse, telling him it was "great" despite some "vocally rough moments". Tommy would’ve liked a "heavier version" of the song, but Gilby said he actually preferred Ryan’s voice to the original. (Gilby admitted he doesn’t like Coldplay.) Jason felt that the "piano/vocal thing" is Ryan’s "forte" and that he still seems uncomfortable when he is in front of it - like he doesn’t know what to do with his other hand. Still, Jason liked his energy.

StormBring Me to Life
Storm was a verse into the song, performing it with her usual power and professionalism, when MAGIC happened. A deep, growly male voice was suddenly heard, singing in counterpoint. The 2 voices sounded so incredible together that I immediately got goosebumps – before I even realized that Toby had unexpectedly joined Storm on stage! Although he physically hung in back, letting her have the spotlight, vocally he was dynamite and helped kick the song up to a whole 'nother level. (If neither of these two get this gig, they should seriously consider touring together.) I loved the whole performance; but, whereas Toby got nothing but praise from the judges, Storm came up short in their eyes. Dave started off by asking why she would share the stage at this point in the competition. (Because she loves Toby and he loves the song.) Dave then got in some props for the Tobester, telling him that he was "awesome" and "killer". Tommy said it was "really, really cool", that he loved it, and that "you and Toby were rad." Gilby also thought Toby was "great", and he loved it that Storm had brought him up on stage. However, he didn’t feel that her performance of the song was memorable – unlike Jill’s earlier one. He told her that they were the Top Six that SN had envisioned, and that he "wanted it all" (i.e. voice, performance, energy, etc.) at this point in the competition. Jason thought that Toby was so good that he took a little away from Storm, but praised them for pulling off a "great team effort".

TobyRebel Yell
With the judges’ plaudits still ringing in his ears, it was Toby’s turn to take the stage. It almost seemed like he was competing with himself at that point. Fortunately, the dude did not disappoint. As we’ve seen him do before, Toby added some vocal dynamics to the song, by beginning in a lower register before kicking into high gear. He then rocked out the rest, before pulling a half dozen audience hotties onto the stage with him for a rousing finish. (I personally didn’t get a "gimmick" vibe this week, but YMMV.) Dave began the tongue bath: "That was unbelieveable, dude! Awesome! I bought it, I believed it!" Tommy loved that Toby is inspiring people to get naked ("God bless you!") and said that the performance was "beautiful". Gilby told Toby it was a "great night" for him: that first he helped Storm, and then he took his performance to "a whole new level". Jason completely dug it, saying it was "way, way cool" and that Toby really "blew it out" from the second verse on.

DilanaMother Mother
Dilana started off playing electric guitar, before putting it aside and (as she promised earlier) rockin’ the shit out of the song. This is the Dilana of Lithium and Zombie – the raging, seemingly out-of-control Rock Demon(ess). Love her or hate her, she is like a force of nature on that stage. Dave was on his feet at the end, urging the crowd on to an even bigger ovation. He then says this may be his favorite performance in 2 seasons of Rock Star, and that there was "real rage" in the song. (Dilana admits that it felt good to get a song that allowed her to release her pent-up feelings.) Supernova is also impressed, and both Tommy and Gilby take the opportunity to comment on that other issue. "Say HELLO to the King of Mistakes," Tommy tells her, and encourages her to "stay focused". Gilby says she fell victim to L.S.D – Lead Singer Disease – but that it was great to see her back on stage. "There was not a bad part of that performance," he said. Jason thought she took the guitar off at precisely the right moment, and called the performance "really good", "really powerful" and "fully Dilana-fied".

And, with that, we came to the end of another night of AWESOME performances.

This week will be a true test of each Rocker’s fanbases – as I think only Lukas can be assured of staying out of the Bottom 3. Will Dilana’s troubles effect her votes? Will the slightly negative comments received by both Storm and Ryan contribute to them being in the Bottom 3? (I am assuming, of course, that those comments make it on the air.) Will the recent string of showcase performances by Toby –- last week’s Supernova tune and Plush, tonight’s Rebel Yell and the Storm "duet" -- be enough to lift him out of the B3? Will Magni continue to land in the Bottom 3, despite his consistently fine performances?

For the answer to these, and other burning questions, check back on Wednesday. I think there is gonna be one helluva Elimination Show this week.
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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 8 Elimination Show TEASER Report

Lots & lots of DRAMA today. Dilana fans, especially, are going to want to don their flame-resistant suits tonight. She gets fairly well raked over the coals – not once, but twice!

The first time is after the “Back at the Mansion” footage at the top of the show. The second time occurred later, when they went into the whole Media Clinic thing. The Q&As after both taped segments went on for quite a while, so I imagine quite a bit will be left on the cutting room floor. But whatever’s left should make for compelling (though not always pleasant) TV.

Sandwiched in between these two clip packages was a new Supernova song - Be Yourself, and Five Other Cliches – with another Rocker fronting the band. The song had a heavy, almost martial beat, and I think the Rocker chosen was an excellent fit.

Here’s a shock: NO ENCORE TODAY! Instead, that time was spent (as I said earlier) dealing with fallout from the Media Clinic.

Finally, we got to the Bottom 3. After Brooke announces the Early Voting Results Bottom 3, another Rocker is asked to join them. The songs performed by the Final Bottom 3 are:

Fire, Jimi Hendrix
Middle of the Road, The Pretenders
Plush, Stone Temple Pilots

I didn’t care for one of the performances, but the other two are MUST SEE. One really made me feel like I was at a rock concert. And the other just ripped the roof off the place! The audience went crazy and the cheering just went on & on. I sure hope it translates to the TV screen.

Supernova deliberated for their by-now-usual 25 minutes or so, before the Hatchett Man sent another Rocker home.
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Rock Star: Supernova - Week 8 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 8/20/06)

Okay, I'll admit it upfront: I was feelin' pretty darn grouchy on Sunday, so I wasn't feelin' a lot of love for the Rockers this week. None of them sucked, and they all turned in solid, professional performances. It really was a good show overall. But, if you'll permit me to indulge my Inner Grouch a bit: I expect more at this stage of the competition. We are on the verge of some very tough eliminations ahead, and being "very good" ain't good enough anymore. I want "stellar" and "incandescent" and "awesome" – and I honestly didn't get that this week. So, with that said, on with the show:

PatriceBeautiful Thing (Original Song)
Patrice played the guitar (again) for her original song – a happy little pop ditty that was about as far away from Supernova as I imagine you can get. She was perfectly fine, and perfectly meh to me. Dave congratulated her on her "great" original song, said she sang it well, but reiterated what he previously said to Zayra: that he saw her better as a solo artist. Tommy thought the song was "really cool" but "slightly happy for us" – though he thought they could make it work. Both Gilby and Jason were complimentary, but also had questions about whether the song (and Patrice) were right for SN. My Inner Grouch thinks Patrice will not be around another week.

MagniSmells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Magni has already shown he has the vocal chops for this type of song. He can belt out the choruses full-blast, yet his voice doesn't deteriorate into mere screaming. My Inner Grouch, however, would like to see a more focused physical performance from him, as he sometimes looks a little directionless. Still, Dave called it "vocally great" and complimented Magni on paying attention to the lyrics. "When a song calls for angst, you give us angst." Gilby has no doubt that Magni will be successful, but is still looking for that "extra thing" from him – especially in regards to pulling the audience in. Jason praised the energy coming off the stage, and admitted that he was one of Magni's "biggest fans". However, in the most head-scratching bit of criticism of the night, Tommy had problems with the fact that Magni didn't play guitar on the song. Apparently in Tommy's mind, this song is so associated with Kurt Cobain playing guitar, that he feels something is wrong if you don't. Magni responded that (a) it's a four chord song that doesn't require anything beyond the 2 guitars already on stage; and (b) he wanted to move around and not be strapped to one place. To which Tommy responded that, just because you're playing guitar doesn't mean your performance has to suffer. You can just "play it, smash it, and move on". (You'll want to remember these comments during the next performance.)

RyanBack of Your Car (Original Song)
Another original song – and another guitar-playin' Rocker. Fortunately (for him), Ryan's song was a lot more Rock than Patrice's had been. Unfortunately (for me), Ryan once again came off as something of a fauxRocker – never more so than when, near the end of the song, he ripped off his guitar and threw it across the stage. Now, maybe he had planned to do that before Tommy mentioned it to Magni – but my Inner Grouch kinda doubts it. It's precisely stuff like this that makes me question his authenticity. "Piano Man" Ryan I can buy; it's "Rocker Dude" Ryan I have trouble with. Dave, however, loved it – saying that it was the most "rockin'" he's seen Ryan be and that he was "very impressed". Tommy "dug it" and said it was the most comfortable he's seen Ryan be. Gilby thought it was his best performance to date, but asked if Ryan could see that song as a SN track. (Ryan admitted that he could.) Jason wanted to know when the song had been composed – (answer: About a year and a half ago) – and encouraged Ryan to keep moving forward.

StormCryin' (Aerosmith)
The reality clips at the top of the show featured Storm and Ryan tussling over doing the Original Song, with Ryan declining Storm's invitation to box for it (heh). Storm eventually gave in and took this song instead - for which my Inner Grouch is grateful (as the thought of Ryan trying to take on Steven Tyler is more than I can bear). And Storm did a fine job on it. I'm liking her more each week, though my IG is still waiting for that one breakout performance that kicks her to the next level and makes me into a true believer. Dave said she was "awesome... a thousand times better than last week." Tommy thought it was "cool". Jason felt the song started out as karaoke, but that Storm made it her own by the end. And Gilby said it was "good", but wants more memorable and extra-special performances at this stage. (Hmmm... I wonder if my Inner Grouch's name is Gilby?)

DilanaEvery Breath You Take (The Police)
Initially, my Inner Grouch was going to snark on the song selection – she streaked for this? - until Dilana explained to SN that this was her (estranged) mother's favorite song and that she hoped some day her mother would find out she sang it. So the IG loses out – and there's not much else, since Dilana seems to be fairly Grouch-proof. Wait! How about this? She did NOT blow the roof off or give me chills. In fact, I would put this in the bottom half of my favorite Dilana performances – which still puts it above almost everybody else's. (My IG is now satisfied and can move on.) Dave thought she did a "great job". Tommy said she is "universal", that women want to be her and that men want to.... Gilby praised her instincts, saying they are "so good" and that she has "It". Jason agreed with Gilby, and also gave her props for paying attention to the vocal coach, saying she showed them "the beautiful voice you have in there."

TobyLayla (Derek and the Dominos)
It sounded like there was a rough patch at the beginning of this song for Toby. Either he, or the House Band, or the audience – or some combination of all three – were off beat for a couple bars. But things got back on track by the time Toby stripped off his shirt (revealing E V S – slang for "whatEVer' – written across his bare chest) and bolted over to the Rockers Pod. (My Inner Grouch wonders why Toby has turned into "Gimmick Guy." I still love his voice, but miss the energetic simplicity of his earlier performances.) Dave thought it was "entertaining" and told Toby he really "brought it" vocally. Tommy wasn’t sure about the song choice and didn't think it was something SN would do. Of course not, replied Toby, 'cause Layla is Eric Clapton and they are Supernova. (Snap!) Gilby admired the risk Toby took changing a classic; though he didn't care for the arrangement, he thought the actual performance was "amazing". Jason felt that Toby "lost the plot" and some of his "tonality", but he did like his energy.

LukasAll These Things That I’ve Done (The Killers)
Man, I sooo wanted to like Lukas doing this song. But when he kept turning his back on the audience yet again, my Inner Grouch got pissed. (No, it wasn't as bad as Celebrity Skin, but still? What's up with that?) At least Gilby called him on it, asking why he turns his back on us so much? Lukas responded that he just loves the House Band and wants to sing to them, too. (Aww, that's nice, Lukas - but I ain't payin' to see you sing to Tommy Lee when you end up fronting Supernova.) But my peevishness aside, the judges loved it. Dave said he "set the bar" for the night and that it was "unbelievable." Gilby said he did a "great job" (despite the back-turning) and that he really makes songs his own. Jason thought it was Lukas' "most professional" vocal so far, and that he was "almost convinced" that Lukas could handle the volume required for a SN concert. Tommy only had two words for Lukas: "Check please!" (Some of us standing by the Rockers Pod wondered how to take this comment, as it sounded dismissive. But my fellow attendees over by the Supernova Pod insist that Tommy meant it as a compliment.)

Well, there you have it. As for the Bottom 3, your guess is as good as mine (though Patrice seems like a safe bet). Same goes with the encore. I doubt they would give both the Supernova track and the encore to the same person, but ya never know.

One last thing before I go: This was the worst audience yet. Last week's was pretty poor – but since it was a low-key show, I didn't blame them much. But there's no excuse for how dead they were this week. Even being burdened with my IG, I was able to muster more enthusiasm than a lot of the people there. I think too many sponsors are sending too many non-fans to the tapings. We saw the same thing happen last August – and it just sucks the life out of the show.
Rock Star

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 7 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 8/13/06)

Well, here it is: the “Stripped Down” edition of Rock Star: Supernova. And, true to that designation, it wasn’t a night of high-energy, blow-the-roof-off performances. Instead, it was an opportunity for the Rockers to show off their vocals skills – and, for the most part, they succeeded.

Too bad Supernova wasn’t feelin’ a lot of it. Jason made it clear very early on that they preferred it LOUD AND ROCKIN’ – and Tommy was more interested in talking about the Vegas trip than in delivering performance-related comments to the Rockers. (FYI, I'm not even going to bother reporting those.) Only Gilby, along with Dave, approached the evening with the proper mind-set, imo.

So, we ended up with a night of solid, though not particularly stellar, performances. It was acoustic and low-key – there was even a 4-piece string section – so adjust your expectations accordingly. I think the show will play perfectly fine on TV, with close-ups bringing added intimacy to the proceedings. I also didn’t think anyone tanked – although, overall, the guys came off slightly better than the ladies (with the exception of Dilana). Storm fans are going to want to vote extra hard this week, however, as SN did NOT dig her song AT ALL.

The video package at the top of the show re-capped the Rockers’ Vegas Adventure, before moving on to the now-familiar ground of Song Selection. In addition to showing Toby streaking for the opportunity to perform with Gilby, a lot was made of Ryan and Zayra wrestling (figuratively) over the chance to do an Original Song. After the clip, Dave started in on his standard refrain of “I am shocked that you guys…” etc., etc. However, the Rockers responded strongly to Dave, citing the clip’s edited version of reality. Far from only a couple people being interested in doing their Original Song, all of the Rockers initially put their name down for it. “Don’t believe everything you see on TV, Dave,” cautioned Magni, before stating that the actual Song Selection session went on for 2 hours. Anyway, as you probably know, Zayra ended up with the Original Song - and we segued into the main part of the show.

ZayraLluvia De Mar (Original Song)
Dressed in a black bra top and a huge red raspberry parachute dress, Zayra played the guitar while singing in Spanish. I have no idea what she was singing -- but she put a lot of passion into it and sounded very nice. I certainly didn’t notice any flatness or pitch problems, and no one else mentioned any either. Dave said he felt like he was at the Latin Grammy Awards (meaning that as a compliment). He thought she sang good, but couldn't see the fit with Supernova. (Z responded that she wrote the song 5 years ago, but chose it to show what she can do with her voice when she has more than 2 days to rehearse a song.) Tommy thought the song had hints of Massive Attack in it and that it was "well done". Gilby was glad she lasted long enough to do her original song - that it was "beautiful" and that he "dug it." And Jason admitted that he had personally fought to have her in the competition because of her original material and her flamenco vibe. (So she’s not a Mark Burnett plant afterall.) Dave concluded by applauding her cojones in doing an original song – a line that was later re-shot to change the word to guts.

MagniStarman (David Bowie)
I thought Magni did an great job on Starman - except for messing up the lyrics on the first chorus. (I don't know how many people noticed in the studio, but I'm an old Bowie fan from WAY back.) Other than that mishap, I thought he nailed the song. Dave complimented him on not impersonating Bowie, and Tommy said he "rocked it" and sounded “nice”. Gilby said that Magni was "solid" as always – with his only criticism being that Magni missed out on the opportunity to get the crowd singing along on the la-la's. Jason deemed it "elegant" and "graceful" and said that Magni showed them something different than what they were used to seeing from him.

PatriceMessage in a Bottle (The Police)
Patrice was fine – (yeah, I know, faint praise) - especially in the second half when she started changing up her vocals a bit. Dave also applauded her "vocal gymnastics" towards the end of the song, but found her lacking intensity. Tommy said it was "pretty cool, dude (sic)". Gilby thought that Patrice has gotten a raw deal over the past couple weeks, but still would've liked her to do something "more original" with the song. (Patrice responded with all this talk about changing beats and registers, etc., etc., etc. Gilby was, like, whatever - pointing out that most people wouldn't pick up on such subtleties and that he was talking about more significant changes.) I don't recall Jason saying anything to Patrice.

LukasHero (Chad Kroeger)
Lukas, donning a white preacher’s collar, sat in a chair and played acoustic guitar on this song. His vocals were very much in line with his performance of Creep last week - alternating soft & quiet with hard & growly, with a lot of intensity on the choruses. Dave said it was "awesome" and that the song allowed Lukas to show his "vocal dynamics". Tommy liked Lukas’ “preacher vibe” but didn't like that he was sitting down. Gilby said he really enjoys watching Lukas explore different sides of his voice every week and called it a "very good job". Jason, after saying it was "mellow but powerful", gave Lukas another lecture on his voice. He said he heard it close up again and that he really wants Lukas to continue to work on keeping it open. (In response, Lukas said that, in the excitement of performing for the crowd, he sometimes loses focus on that particular aspect of his voice.)

StormI Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor/Cake)
Let me say up front that (a) I am not familiar with Cake’s version of this song; and (b) I thoroughly enjoyed Storm's performance of it. It was certainly the most energetic of the night, and I thought she showed great skill and range on her vocals. But then Dave spoke. He first mentioned how Marty had changed up Hit Me Baby last season and how Dilana had dealt with Cyndi Lauper a few weeks ago, before telling Storm that her performance "didn't work." (Audience boos Dave.) "I hated that." (Louder booing.) Then Tommy chimes in - agreeing with Dave! Gilby then joins the dogpile – admitting that he didn't like it either. He told her that he realized she was constrained by the song choice, but that regardless, she really needed to pretend that she was in their band and make something out of it. Lastly, Jason added his voice to the chorus of disapproval: he thought she could've put her own twist on it and said that he "expected more." (Storm took their criticism with good-humored aplomb, commenting that she “went to Vegas, then woke up the next morning with Gloria Gaynor”.)

TobySolsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel) – with Gilby on acoustic guitar
Toby admitted afterwards that this was the most nervous he's been on stage yet. You sure couldn't tell from his performance, which seemed extremely strong and confident to me. With Gilby sitting on top of the grand piano the whole time – Hey Gilby! No sitting! - there wasn’t much interaction between them. But Toby threw in some bongo-playing near him, just so he could say that he “played” with Gilby. Dave said he sang it "great". Gilby also thought he did a "killer job" and was "awesome". Jason said that the song allowed them to hear a "really cool midrange" from Toby (which Toby said was the favorite part of his voice). I think all the guys made some reference to his stripping to get the song, with Tommy saying that there was now no question about Toby's commitment and that it was nice to see Toby be a “maniac” - just like a Rock Star.

RyanIn the Air Tonight (Phil Collins)
No piano playing tonight, as Ryan just stood center stage and delivered the song. I thought he did a good job – maybe even better than on Losing My Religion. The one slight problem I had with it was that it was very similar to what we saw him do with LMR two weeks ago. It didn’t have that degree of surprise to it, and so lost some of the WOW factor. Dave called it “the best performance of the night” (an opinion he would revise a few minutes later). Tommy didn’t agree with Dave, but still thought it was “well done”. Gilby liked it, saying that Ryan’s voice was strong and cut through the tune. And Jason praised his “great tonality” and said that Ryan made the song, which everyone has heard to death, “something to listen to.”

DilanaCat’s in the Cradle (Harry Chapin)
Honestly, I shuddered when I heard that Cat's in the Cradle was on the song list. But I breathed a sigh of relief when it turned out that Dilana would be doing it. I figured if anyone could juice up that old chestnut, she could. And she did not disappoint. She was able to utilize the changes in volume and tone between verse and chorus to her advantage, and "rocked" the song as much as she could. (Not that that was very much.) Dave started off the critique by telling Ryan that he spoke too soon -- that Dilana's performance was now the best of the evening. He said he got chills, and called it "beautiful" and "incredible". Tommy said he loves everything she does: "Well done, Mama." Gilby thought it was great to see her diversity from Won't Get Fooled Again last week to Cat's in the Cradle this week. He also complimented her on how strong her voice sounded in its lower register, and then how she knocked them out when she went higher. Jason thought she “did great”. He especially liked that she limited her growl, and could tell that she's been listening to her vocal coach.

Wrapping the evening up, Jason told the Rockers that SN really appreciated all they had done, but that next week, they would once again CRUSH IT WITH VOLUME!!!

Bottom 3 prediction:
Probably Patrice and Zayra. But beyond that, your guess is as good as mine – with Storm being the big question mark.

Encore prediction:
Probably Dilana – but all of the guys were fairly strong.
Rock Star

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 6 Elimination Show TEASER Report

After a Live Performance Show as good as the one we just had, what do you for an encore? Or, should I say, two encores?

Yes, that’s right: TWO. But I’m getting ahead of myself again....

The usual recap of last night’s performances was followed by some feisty “Back at the Mansion” footage, showing Jill and Storm going at it over the whole Gilby/Song Selection issue. (Watch for a funny shot of Toby in the clip, too.) Dave then questions Storm some more about one of the comments she made, and Storm, for once, is stumped for an answer. Gilby also chimes in, before asking Jill why she didn’t take the song herself. Jill replies that she feels she’s already “had her turn.”

More Q&A follows (Tommy/Ryan and Jason/Josh). In the best exchange, Tommy asks Ryan “Where did all that come from?” After Ryan’s response, however, Tommy admits that there were parts of the performance that reminded him of Will Farrell on SNL, minus the cowbell.

Jason announces that, due to the high quality of the performances last night, the Band has decided on two encores. Each of the chosen Rockers then takes their turn – with one of them changing things up significantly.

On to the Bottom 3.

Once again, there was no announcement of the Early Voting Results Bottom 3 – just the 5 Rockers who hit the B3 at some point in the worldwide vote. And, as has been the case so far this season, the Final Bottom 3 did NOT end up the same as you saw on TV last night. (Props to Brooke for pulling off another great fake-out this week when announcing the results!)

The songs performed by the Bottom 3 were:

Respect, Aretha Franklin
Shooting Star, Bad Company
Enjoy the Silence, Depeche Mode

It was a trio of good, solid performances – making it hard to guess the final outcome. Supernova deliberated for about 25 minutes before returning to their Pod. Gilby, in his usual recounting of each Rockers’ pluses and minuses, even said that "the Band never agrees". But the Hatchet Man still had a job to do. The Tommyhawk fell, and it was sharp tonight.
Rock Star

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 6 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 8/6/06)

So, I’m on my way out of the studio at the end of Sunday’s Live Performance Taping when I run into Executive Producer Dave Goffin. I say, "AWESOME show, dude!" And he replies, "Thanks! We’re really trying to crank it up."

Are they EVAH! The show was TIGHT, the House Band was HOT, the audience was ROCKIN’ – and the Rockers really BROUGHT IT! But I’m getting ahead of myself....

We started out with some Mansion footage of Magni’s family visit (awwwww...), followed by this week’s Song Selection Drama. The Rockers were informed that Gilby would be playing on Won’t Get Fooled Again – yet no one but Dilana seemed willing to take the song. Well, Mr. Dave Navarro had some choice comments to make about that, saying that he was “stunned” that nobody but Dilana wanted the song and that he found it “insulting”. “If it were up to me,” he said, “Dilana would win this thing right now.” Tommy tried to lighten the mood a bit by mock-threatening the Rockers: “Don’t make us come over there!” But Dave maintained that he was “seriously freaking” about their lack of drive. The groundwork having been laid, it was time for Gilby to take the stage.

DilanaWon’t Get Fooled Again (The Who) – with Gilby on guitar
Another awesome performance by Dilana. Unlike the others who have performed with the SN guys in the past weeks, she looked completely natural and in charge the whole time. There was no bumping & grinding – just some nice, unforced interaction and a great moment when she shared the mic with Gilby. Dave led off the praise, saying that this didn’t look like an audition, it looked like a rock concert. He then commented to the other Rockers: “As if it didn’t suck to follow Dilana before.” Jason said that the moment when the two of them sang together belonged on the Rock Star Killer Moments list. And Gilby was ecstatic: “That was badass! After that, I have no doubt a woman can front this band.”

JillMother Mother (Tracy Bonham)
Pity poor Jill. As Dave said, it sucks to follow Dilana. Though this would turn out to be one of Jill’s better performances – including a climactic jump down into the audience – it suffered in comparison to what came immediately before. The judges all gave her props, however, with Dave saying her vocals were “killer” and Gilby saying that she “sang well and performed well”. Jason complimented her on her energy, but said that she lost part of her voice when doing all the physical stuff. Tommy thought it was the best performance he’s seen from her so far.

RyanPaint It Black (The Rolling Stones)
Who would have thought that Ryan (of all people) would top Zayra in the Most Theatrical Performance category tonight? Man, this was something else! He started back by the Supernova pod, dressed all in black with a feathered mane sticking out of the top of his hooded sweatshirt. After making his way through the crowd to the stage, he threw back the hood to reveal black shadow smeared in a band across his eyes. His performance from that point ranged all over the stage, including another jump off the drum riser. It was completely Over The Top – but I give him props for not aping Mick, either vocally or performance-wise. The judges, mouths hanging open, were besides themselves. Dave: "Wow! Ryan Star just showed us he is a contender." Tommy: "Where is the real Ryan Star and what have you done with him? I'm tripping right now." Gilby: "Over the past couple of weeks, your vocals have been killing it. Now your performance cranked it up." Jason: "It's a side of you we haven't seen before - that's why we're aghast."

StormWe Are the Champions (Queen)
Storm takes on Queen and fortunately does not falter. It is, nevertheless, a somewhat surprising version of the song. It wasn't all in-your-face and anthemic, being more in line with her Changes of last week than her earlier performances. Dave said she did a "great job" and that it was "awesome". Tommy said she sang the hell out of it, but hoped they hadn't "spooked" her, because she's done 2 mellow(ish) songs back-to-back. Gilby stated that Storm and Dilana are the most vocally consistent; he then echoed Tommy's comments and hoped that Storm isn’t "forgetting" who she is. (She insisted that she isn't, but is just exploring different facets of herself.)

ZayraAll the Young Dudes (David Bowie/Mott the Hoople)
Everyone’s favorite space cadet toned it down a bit this week. Though she wore a skintight gold lame catsuit and a black top hat, she delivered the song with little of her Over-The-Top mannerisms. Dave started off by saying that, if this were Rock Star: Planet Pluto, she would win in a landslide. He did appreciate, however, how her performance harkened back to the Glam Era. Gilby was “diggin’ her showmanship”, but called her on being flat for most of the song. (Zayra explained that she can not hear herself through the floor monitors and that, if she had ear monitors, we would never hear another flat note out of her.) Tommy commented on her apparent confidence – before indulging in more sexual banter (by asking if her heels ever got caught in her hoop earrings.) Whereas Jason just wanted to know if she had “wow’d” herself.

JoshInterstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots) – with Tommy on drums
In a surprise move, Tommy decided to join Josh on this performance and took his place at Nate’s drum kit. Unfortunately, Josh wasn’t able to take full advantage of the situation, as he was constrained by playing the electric guitar and remained fairly stationary throughout. Vocally it sounded fine – but the whole thing still came off as a missed opportunity. Dave thought he “sang good”, but wondered whether “good” was good enough at this point in the competition. Tommy wished he wasn’t playing the guitar, as it “freezes up [his] funk”. Gilby had high praise for Josh, however, saying that this was the song he has been waiting to hear from him. Meanwhile Jason told the rest of the Rockers to be on their toes – that surprises like Tommy (or all of them) deciding to play with them were bound to happen.

MagniThe Dolphin’s Cry (Live)
Following Josh on electric, we got Magni on acoustic guitar – playing solo, however, unaccompanied by the House Band. And he sounded terrific! I'm not familiar with the original, but I loved his version. It was a great vocal performance, with range, power, and a whole lot of intensity. The judges all sang his praises. Dave congratulated Magni on being the first to go completely solo. Tommy said, “That was killer, bro!” Jason called it “powerful” and “beautiful”. And Gilby said it was so good that next week, all the Rockers were going to have to “strip it down”.

PatriceInstant Karma (John Lennon)
Patrice once again strapped on an electric guitar – giving us the third guitar-based performance in a row. She was unable to muster Magni’s intensity, however, and so her performance seemed, like Josh’s, to be limited by the guitar. At least she moved the mic stand out onto the catwalk at one point – which garnered her a lot of kudos from the judges. Both Dave & Gilby also commented on how the song choice was perfectly suited to her voice.

LukasCreep (Radiohead)
Like Tommy, can I just say “Hell YEAH!” Lukas Rossi is back! He pulled it all together and was just incredible tonight. His voice, his stage moves, his arrangement – everything was spot on. Dave and Supernova all gave him a Standing O. Dave asked, "Where has that guy been hiding? Unbelievable!" Tommy said he "got goosebumps". Gilby told Lukas that he caught him off-guard, that it was a "great, great surprise" and that he applauded him for it. And Jason said it was the first time that Lukas "used his gift" by opening up his voice properly. He went on to call it "beautiful" and "incredible".

TobyBurning Down the House (Talking Heads)
Toby faced the dual challenge of following Lukas and wrapping up the show. Thankfully, he did a great job – kicking all kinds of ass and delivering a super high-energy performance. Two-thirds of the way through, Zayra suddenly appeared on stage and handed Toby an Aussie-flag-draped megaphone. Toby proceeded to sing a verse through it, before blasting out a siren at the end of the song. The audience Ate. It. Up. So much so that Dave was roundly booed when he dissed the megaphone, saying it was cliché. Fortunately, none of the SN guys minded (that I could hear). Tommy said he would've liked the first verse to be in a lower register, but really liked what Toby did with the rest of the song. Gilby agreed, loving the "fresh version" of the song, and feeling it was Toby's best performance in several weeks. Jason said he "made it come alive" and praised Toby’s "up energy".

Well, there you have it! A Bottom 3 is kinda tough to call, but will probably be culled from the usual suspects: Zayra, Jill, Patrice, and Josh. But there is no doubt in my mind that Lukas will be getting the encore this week.
Rock Star

Rock Star: Supernova - Week 5 Live Performance SPOILER Report (taped 7/30/06)

WOW. Another GREAT show – possibly the best one yet! There’s lots of ground to cover, so I won’t waste any time.

PatriceHigher Ground (Stevie Wonder) – with Tommy on drums
What a way to start off the show: Mr. Tommy Lee on drums! If you don’t already know, he is just an AMAZING performer – wild, ferocious, and absolutely riveting to watch. So pity poor Patrice. Even with her hair done up in a faux Mohawk, I barely noticed her. Dave, after saying that she did a great job with the vocal, addressed this crucial issue by mentioning to all the Rockers that he thought that 8 of them will literally disappear in front of “this guy". Gilby and Jason, however, were much more complimentary, with Jason calling it a "brave & righteous move" and praising her for "commanding the stage even with that maniac behind you."

JoshSanteria (Sublime)
Josh decided to “do his own thing” with this reggae tune – he even threw in some beat box – and he sounded great. He was definitely in his element, and got a lot of praise from SN. Dave thought it was a smart move to pick this song instead of Higher Ground, as he felt Josh would’ve been “swallowed up” by it. Tommy loved the way he sang, and Jason applauded Josh’s “musicality”. But Gilby, after admitting that he would buy a CD of Josh, said he wouldn’t buy a Supernova CD with Josh singing on it. He just doesn’t see him in their band.

DilanaCan’t Get Enough (Bad Company)
Not only did Dilana wipe out memories of the first two performers tonight, she cast her shadow over many that followed. Once again, she was absolutely ASTONISHING. She complained in the video clip that she never gets negative comments or constructive criticism from the judges. But, with performances like this one, what is there to criticize?

Taking her cue from their comments to her last week, she left the stage and moved through the crowd back to the Supernova Pod. After performing half the song there, she was transported back to the stage - (FYI, the dude carrying her is her boyfriend Steve) - where she finished in a blaze of rock glory. The reaction from the crowd was PHENOMENAL - one of the biggest ovations of the season so far. Dave, acknowledging the crowd's thunderous cheers, first says, "You've got a lot of fans." Then he turns to the other Rockers: "It's got to suck to be you guys." He tells her she took an old classic rock song and "KILLED IT! Fuckin’ AWESOME!" Tommy said it was "tight". But since Dilana was bemoaning the lack of criticism, he had some for her: He said she should've dragged her leather outfit behind a motorcycle for a couple days before putting it on. (She admitted that she'd only bought it the day before.) Gilby echoed Dave's comments about her taking an old, bluesy rock song and "knocking it out of the park." He also commented how SN keep trying to envision the Rockers performing in front of them, and how Dilana did just that. Jason loved how she played to the crowd, and said she "took everybody into your world."

TobyPennyroyal Tea (Nirvana)
I wasn’t familiar with this Nirvana song, but I thought Toby sounded really strong on it. But then, I just love the sound of his voice. I had to agree with Dave, however, that it felt anti-climactic coming after Dilana - especially since the Tobester also went down into the audience. (Toby had an intelligent reply, saying that Dilana’s choice to do that in her performance did not change the reasons he wanted to do it in his. Or words to that effect.) Tommy thanked Toby for listening to their input and changing it up every week. Gilby liked his whole, dark “vibe”, but said there wasn’t a lot of melody in the song and really wants him to knock it out of the park next week. Jason was impressed by a “professional quality” they hadn’t seen before in Toby.

Zayra867-5309/Jenny (Tommy Tutone)
There are really no words to describe Zayra's performance this week. I can’t say it was a trainwreck, because I’m sure they don’t use that antiquated mode of transportation on her planet. First of all, she looked like a demented Wonder Woman, complete with shiny gold gloves and a sheer black cape. Though I’ve frequently enjoyed her other-worldly performances – she strikes me more as a “performance artist” than a “singer” anyway – this one didn’t do it for me. Plus, I didn’t like the punk’d out arrangement of the song. Side note: During her performance, I looked around the crowd. I was one of the only people clapping along and trying to show any enthusiasm. (I am such a dutiful little concert bunny!) But the rest of the audience was DEAD - most likely from shock.

When she was done, Dave asked for a minute "to process what I just saw." They actually went to a commercial break before the judges weighed in with their comments. Dave mentioned the controversy surrounding Phil’s elimination last week, but said that Zayra at least changes it up from week to week. Tommy said she reminded him of Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons. Though Gilby found her performance “compelling”, he said her vocals were off. But all Jason could say was “Wow.”

MagniClocks (Coldplay)
No sunglasses this week, and Magni sang in a higher register than we are used to hearing from him. I thought he sounded pretty good – and will probably sound even better on TV than in the studio. (He had some trouble singing directly into the mic at times, and so his voice got somewhat lost in the Live mix.) Dave said he was “absolutely great” and did a “fantastic job”. Tommy agreed it was an “excellent performance”. Gilby said that Magni can always be counted on to bring an emotional performance, but now wants him to do "something special" (i.e. flashier). Jason had the highest praise, saying that Magni is “pure talent through & through” and that, for him, he sets the bar for the whole competition. (Hmmm...)

JillDon’t You (Forget About Me) (Simple Minds)
TRAINWRECK. Jill was really dreadful and came in for the harshest criticism of the night. Dave started off by saying it was “really not that good” and compared it to that moment at a concert where everyone gets up and goes for another beer. (Ouch!) Tommy questioned her on raising the key, saying it was the lower register that made the song sexy to begin with. However, after he said she sang it well, Dave turned to him: “Really? You thought she sang it well?” Gilby agreed with Dave, saying she oversang it and that it was “uncomfortable to listen to.” Jason babbled on about making sure your “translation” of the song does justice to it – or some such thing. Bottom line? Bottom 3, easily.

RyanLosing My Religion (R.E.M.)
Ryan accompanied himself on the grand piano (with only Paul of the House Band on keyboards.) And he just belted the hell outta the song! Maybe a bit too much for some tastes, but there's no denying his vocal chops on this one. Dave said it was "truly phenomenal" and "beautiful". Tommy talked about a track he wrote for SN on the piano and that he could totally hear Ryan's voice on the track. Gilby liked that Ryan was so dark and moody, and loved the performance. And Jason said it was his best yet, saying that Ryan showed them a power that they had never seen from him before.

LukasCelebrity Skin (Hole)
Not a great night for Lukas, who delivered a surprisingly sub-par performance. He really seemed uncomfortable during the song, and kept pacing out and back on the stage. As Gilby pointed out, he sang half the song with his back to the audience. (I suspect the backstage cameras will help the home audience get more out of it than the studio audience did.) Dave thought it was his weakest performance so far, but that he’d built up credit over the past weeks. Tommy said he was surprised at the song choice, to which Lukas replied that he thought it was the most like what he sees Supernova doing. Jason asked how things were going with the vocal coach. Lukas said he’s enjoying working with her, but admitted that he didn’t like the softer part of his voice. Jason encouraged him to continue, as he is still “reaching” to hear him.

StormChanges (David Bowie)
Storm decided to soften things up a little and did a very nice job with Changes. It still looked like she went a little “wild-eyed” at moments, but all-in-all, this was her most controlled performance yet. Dave actually deemed it her best, saying she showed her vulnerability and “sang a great song amazingly well”. Tommy shouted “God Bless David Bowie!” and told her she was “excellent”. Gilby agreed with Dave that it was her best performance to date, and Jason called it “captivating”, saying he would trade her "over-dramatic" performances for this type any day.

DanaBaba O’Riley (The Who)
I hate doin’ the whole “comparison with last year” thing, but I have to mention how incredible Jordis’ performance of this was back then. There was just no way in hell that Dana could touch it. She’s still working the “Rocker Chick” look; but, if you thought you’ve seen elements of Dilana rubbing off on Dana, this week she reminded me more of Storm (eye movements, etc.) Overall, she was just meh. The guys were kind, but didn’t really say a whole lot. Dave said she sang it “really well”, Gilby said something about her “consistency”, and Jason said he really enjoyed watching her enjoy herself. Tommy, after questioning her on why she chose the song, was impressed with her recounting of the opening chords and opined “There’s hope.”

Predicted Bottom 3:
? (Probably either Dana or Josh)

Encore prediction: